Weather Policy

Weather Policy

Bad Weather Policy

Our policy regarding forecasted weather is as follows:

Light Rain: Children are requested to bring ‘light coats’ or shower proof jackets. Coaching will be available and we will still train and play on the Bishop Fox's astro.. Parents may choose to collect their children if they do not want their child to play in the rain.

Heavy Rain: Football outside may be cancelled. If available, the school sports hall may be used as an alternative location and ‘indoor’ football related games / activities will be conducted. Parents may choose to collect their children if more convenient, however we will be on site to look after the children should work / other commitments mean you are unable to collect before the published end time.

Lightning Risk: Children will not be allowed to play outside in the open if there is a risk of lightning regardless of whether the storm has finished locally.


Children are required to bring shin pads, long socks and wear astro boots.. During periods of hot weather it is EXTREMELY important that a water bottle – with water in it! -  is also available.

It is parental responsibility to ensure that children have adequate sunscreen, we are unable to apply sunscreen to your child.